Julian Harris Network

Case Study: Intranet & Extranet for Financial Services



Julian Harris Network is an authorised financial services network. For over twenty years they have provided services for independent financial advisers to help them meet their regulatory obligations with the Financial Services Authority (FSA).  Their network has over 250 members with an annual turnover of £3m. 


As we had an existing relationship providing consultancy and IT support for over 7 years. We were asked to provide our software development services.

What the client wanted

To replace their current software solutions and change any paper based tasks to the electronic equivalent.

Ensure that all requirements of the business could be accessed via one solution, with one login process.

Provide their network members with the ability to create and amend policies, and then allow the compliance officers to review these policies to ensure they meet the Financial Services Authority regulations.

Once a policy had been completed, commission would be due to the network and commission would be received from the provider.  The new system needed to be able to calculate this and provide the information in a clear format to the network member and the company.

What the client received

We reviewed all business processes that occur and then designed the system for the benefit of the users.  By producing an efficient, straightforward and intuitive user interface we cut down down the delays and frustration that they were experiencing previously.

Their previous solution was a mixture of online and offline services, with one database over 10 years old.  We started replacing these with web based solutions.  This allowed us to build both the intranet and extranet to utilise the same data and be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world.

Technologies and services used