Digital Masterclass

Online Education Solution for Photographers



Digital Masterclass is a leading provider of online photopgraphy courses and experience days.  They provide accredited courses from The Open College Network.


Provided the founder with consultancy, IT support and website development services for his other businesses.

What the client wanted

A purpose built Student Learning Portal that provided an easy to use solution and handle large images.

Alongside the portal they needed an area for the tutors to interact with the students.

With the mangement area they needed it handle the day to day accounts, payments, invoices and website administration.

What the client received

A Student Learning Portal that allowed the students to download course materials, submit work to the tutors and complete tests.  The tests were full automated and provided the student with instant results.

The tutor area provided the tutor with the ability to review the student work, provide responses to the students and see an overview of the students assigned to that tutor.

The managment area needed to interact with the main website and provide scheduling information, product details and course information.  All administration tasks were handled by the management area including invoicing, course management and payments.

Technologies and services used